Credit Analyst

Key responsibilities

  • Credit research into bond issues and issuers for Buy & Maintain mandates. In particular, long dated sterling based mandates such as pension scheme and insurance clients 
  • Coverage of credit issuance in Sterling and private placements, forming a medium term view on each.
  • Surveillance on larger, more stable GBP issuers will also be required.
  • form strong relationships with the Buy & Maintain Portfolio Managers,
  • External facing activities such as meeting consultants,pitching for new business, and client meetings.     
  • Understanding:

    1) The legal structure of the securities;

    2) The business risk profile of the business;

    3) The financial risk of the company.


Skills/ Experience required


• A strong academic record is essential for this role.

• A first degree or upper-second with post-graduate degree and/or demonstrated progress through the CFA (or equivalent) system must be demonstrated.

• Particular attention will be paid to demonstrated research in educational history and/or previous work experience.

• Previous experience in the investment industry will also be required with demonstrated examples of the ability to manage workflow under tight deadlines/situations of stress.

• Proven investment analysis experience

• Exceptional communication skills

• Highly-developed sense of teamwork and cooperation

• Workflow management


For applications or enquiries, email